Ontario Granite Provides Prestige Chosen From a Vast Palette of Colours

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The Popular Choice Is Granite
Ontario GraniteIgneous rock is rock that is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. An intrusive igneous rock is formed within the Earth's crust. Because the rocks cool slowly the result is very coarse grain. Granite is an igneous intrusive rock that has been crystallized at depth and the minerals are visible to the naked eye. Granites range in colour from pink to grey depending on the composition. It is primarily composed of Feldspar, Quartz and Potassium and it is usually a very dark colour. It is a very hard material and although easier to maintain than marble, it is still one of the hardest stones and was generally avoided by most fabricating companies because of the difficulty incurred when working with this rock. Recently, better supplies of affordable machinery and abrasives technologies have eliminated the previous difficulties in fabrication. As a result, Granite has become an incredibly popular material for home accents and demand has increased enormously. There are granite quarries all over the world, and statistics indicate that approximately 66 per cent of granite is obtained from China, India and Brazil. Additional granite resources are constantly being located and developed all across the world.
Like many other natural stones, the commercial definition of "granite” is used to describe any feldspar-bearing rock that has interlocking crystals that are large enough to be seen with the unaided eye. In granite fabrication the term ‘granite' encompasses other intrusive igneous rocks such as gneiss, syenite, anorthosite and granodiorite, to name a few.
Why Granite is the Popular Choice
The hardness of the minerals that comprise most granites far surpass those of the instruments that are used on them, consequentially granite provides excellent scratch resistance. Also, typically heat resistant, Granite can withstand temperatures of 480 degrees Fahrenheit as well as being practically impervious to staining and bacteria retention. The stain resistance of granite can be further reduced by types of impregnating repellents that are used. Granite is practically indestructible with regard to ordinary use and there are specific products designed that will clean and polish to give the impression that the granite has been recently installed.
Countertops, tile floors, stair treads are just a few of the design elements used to accent the home. Similarly bathroom countertops complement every décor, and breathe life into renovations. Granite gives a European look to a bathroom inviting the sensation of the elegance of an Italian bathhouse. It can be further enhanced by strategically placed mirrors to magnify the beauty of your granite accents.
Popular Choices of Granite
Granite is available in a wide range of colours and although colour is important, it is the diversity of the patterns that offer the character of the stone. Because rocks that are commercially considered ‘granite' are quarried from many companies all over the world there is a gigantic colour spectrum available for mixing and matching stone. Because there is such a vast selection of granite, it is of the utmost importance to choose a reputable granite fabricator. The right fabricator will: help the customer make important decisions such asselecting the task appropriate stone; advise the customer beforehand of any issues the material may have ; and instruct the customer on proper care and maintenance of their selection. Any reputable fabricator should be able to provide references and show examples from previous jobs.
To add assets to the home, surpassing the expense to do so, granite's endurance, long life and cost effectiveness make it an excellent choice for any heavily used surface. Granite conveys an expensive modern feel to any room in the house.